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Opinionated Packaging Concepts


Is it economically interesting for you to rent a pallet wrapping machine? Then try Rent-a-Wrapper ®. This solution is extremely suitable to increase your wrapping capacity both long and short term. This rental concept consists of:

  • a semi automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine;
  • our Litewrapper ® pallet wrapping film.

The combination of the two is guaranteed for optimal stability of your pallet with a minimum consumption of film.

This pallet wrapping machine has, besides the default wrapping programs, also the unique Ergo Wrap ® programme. The operator does not have to bend over to fasten the film. If desired, this machine can be purchased after or during the rental period.

  • Our machines are equipped with highly reliable components. We rent these machines to our customers and ensure that technical failures are minimized.
  • Extended mast. The maximum pallet wrapping height is thus 2400 mm. instead of the usual 1800 or 2000 mm. 
  • The turntable has a diameter of 1650 mm. rather than the usual 1500 mm. The big advantage is that it also keeps block pallets within the turntable and this prevents damage and / or dangerous situations.
  • The foil is braked by an electromagnetic brake, not a mechanical brake.
  • Our machines have a connection for 230 volts instead of the 380 volts, which is usual. Therefore the machine can be used almost anywhere. The machine has fork holes in the front and back, which makes it portable.
  • Last but not least. The film carriage is located on the left side of the mast, in contrast to conventional machines on the right side of the mast. A forklift driver gets out on the left side of his truck, he will walk significantly less metres to tie the film to the pallet.

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